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How can we know if my fence needs repair?

Fence repair mckinney

Fence repair mckinneyIf a fence is visually appealing and sturdy, then it can certainly help to enhance the curb appeal as well increase the value of your property. 

But, on the other hand, if proper arises, then it can cause a lot of problems. So, the best thing that you can probably do when you find a problem in your fence is to contact the fence company in McKinney, Texas. In this way, all your problems would be resolved. 

The matter of fact is that the repair needed for your fence might be small but it can turn out to be a bigger problem before you eventually realize it. So, the best bet would be to opt for fence repair in McKinney, Texas as soon as possible. 

Thus, for knowing that your fence needs repair, you need to get in touch with the contractor. 

Once such fence company in McKinney, TX that you can opt for is McKinney Fence And Arbor Pro as they have years of experience under their belt. Thus, they can get the job done for you in the best possible manner. 

So, in this blog, we would discuss about the signs that your fence would need repair.

  • Heaving and Bending 

One of the primary issues that you may face in wood fencing is Heaving and bending. 

So, in order to fix this, you would have to dig holes in the post and fill them using cement. The matter of fact is that street level water or underground water can possibly seem into the cement casing. This, results in fence posts falling or swaying. 

  • Cracking present near the ground 

If you are having a fence that is low to the ground or its condition has been changed sue to upheaval or moisture, then the posts would start touching the soil. 

In this way, pests would start to move in and also cause moisture to seep inside the wood. 

Dry rot is another factor that can cause problem to your fence irrespective how high it is from the soil. It is perhaps a condition when fence begin to lose the natural oil present in them. 

This results in exposed surfaces becoming brittle and start to break off due to growth of fungi. 

  • Signs of pest 

Pests are another common issue that you would find in wooden fence. Termites for example can easily be found on wood fencing materials. Some of the symptoms that can be caused due to termite damage are:- 

  1. Swelling in the wood 
  2. Mold or Mildew odors 
  3. Visible mazes 
  4. Spots where you will find the fence buckling 


  • Discoloration 

It is often seen that fence starts to discolour as in case with Vinyl Fence. Thus, spraying off using a cloth can help out in removing stains and dirt. However, there can be times when the stuff begins to grow. 

Commonly, the mud and grass clippings can encourage growth of Algae, Mold, Moss, Mildew.

In wet or mildew conditions, your fence might start changing colors with whatever is growing on it. But you probably don’t need to remove or replace the vinyl panels. Just wash with a simple bleach or white vinegar solution to neutralize the spot, and that’s it.

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