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4 reasons your fence may be Damage in winter and what to do about it

Fence repair mckinney

Every season has its own impact on your house. Wooden fences, for instance, rot with the contact of water. Similarly, iron fences corrode when wet and exposed. It’s time to understand the root cause of it all. Here are some reasons for fence damage in winters and how you can prevent that.

Contact of Water

There is a certain level of increase in moisture in winters due to less sunlight coverage on the fence. This weakens the installation from within, for which you will need Fence Repair in McKinney TX. Make sure you have coated the fence with suitable material to avoid that.


A wooden fence gets damaged easily if a panel breaks. The affected portion starts expanding and rots, especially in winters. Any Fence Contractor in McKinney TX will deem it as the most probable cause.

Mold Attack

Mold is a certain kind of fungus which destroys the wood and its original form gradually. Therefore, you have a very small window to use mold-resistant products which can save the wood. This attack is prominent in winters. So a penny saved in time, saves a lot.


This happens when you have installed an iron fence. It requires timely maintenance and more importantly around the winter season. A certain kind of rust-free coating should be applied on the fence to protect it from corroding in every season.

Experts at McKinney Fence And Arbor Pro  have several suggestions for you which will save you in the long run. All in all, these are the common reasons which may damage your fence in winters. So you already know the company you need to approach. Get your quote today so that you can plan accordingly for a long-lasting fence.


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